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Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
Words from the instructor “My friendly personality, lame jokes, and abundant guitar knowledge ensure that my lessons are fun, and that we will have an amazing time. I want to help my students to get where they want to be, and can adapt my teaching style to suit any level of player.

I let my students guide me to the songs they want to play, whether it’s a new Disney teen group or the latest heavy metal band. My methods are simple and proven. If you've tried guitar lessons before and put the guitar down - I'm the teacher for you.”
Teaches Piano/Keyboards, Computer Music/Recording, Music Theory
Words from the instructor “Every student learns differently, and at his or her own pace. Whether they are seasoned players, or sitting down to learn their instrument for the very first time, I am committed to getting to know my students as individuals, and working with their strengths and weaknesses to provide a smooth, fun, and progressive learning environment.

I ensure that my students are playing what they want at the pace that fits them best, while keeping them well rounded in theory, technique, and sight reading.”
Teaches Electric Guitar
Words from the instructor “Correct practice is everything when it comes to guitar. What my students put into their instruments will be what they will get out of those instruments. I focus on proper technique, versatile application, and lots of Rhythm and Timing! Let me start you off on the right path or help you take your playing to another world. Whatever it is you would like to accomplish on guitar, I can get you there.”
Teaches Drums, Violin/Viola/Fiddle
Words from the instructor I focus on making my lessons a positive learning environment where my students have fun - paying close attention to their interests. I introduce new styles and ideas with the ability to apply them in context. I always want to motivate my students to exceed their own expectations. Learning proper technique, good form, and keeping a positive attitude are things I strive to achieve with every lesson.
Teaches Voice
Words from the instructor I love music and love working with people... so what better way to combine both than through teaching music?
I really enjoy customizing lessons to the individual student's needs and goals, and connecting with each student on a personal level.
Teaches Piano/Keyboards, Clarinet
Words from the instructor I feel comfortable playing virtually any style and I will show you the way to musical confidence.
I try to bring the best aspects of my learning experiences to my students, so I can help them to avoid the pitfalls that I have observed.
I am serious and goal oriented, but that doesn't mean we won't share laughter as we work. I am lighthearted and like to make my lessons fun, so that my students look forward to our time together.
I enjoy breaking down my student's favorite songs, but am always willing to share new music to inspire and encourage.
Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Voice
Words from the instructor Music and guitar playing is my life. I approach teaching as an opportunity and a privilege to meet and inspire new people. It is very important to me that my students learn to play whatever style they want to play, and that they have a great time doing so. I believe that in order to grow as a musician and to truly appreciate the guitar, lessons should stretch the student’s learning capacity while maintaining a fun and friendly environment.
Teaches Drums
Words from the instructor Learning to play drums is one of the most exciting paths you can take as a musician. I can help you cultivate your interests and skills to take you anywhere you'd like on the drum set. Not only do I break down concepts and techniques that are easy to digest, but I make it fun and engaging for the student. Every second of practice and study you do makes you a better drummer. With enough practice you can do anything!
Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Computer Music/Recording, Music Theory
Words from the instructor “Every one of my lessons is tailored to teach you exactly what you want to learn.
Anyone can learn a song through a book, but I can guide you through confusing musical concepts and terminology that players often get hung up on”.
Teaches Piano/Keyboards, Voice
Words from the instructor My priority is to see that my student is having fun learning about music while exploring the potential of their own voice. It's important to me that when we are done with each lesson, my students feel good about the work they have done and excited for their next lesson.
Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Words from the instructor Whether you want to rock sold out arenas, woo the object of your desires, or just learn how to jam some sweet tunes I’ll help you get there. It’s a team effort, and I’ll give you my all to help you achieve your guitar-playing goals! Don’t be afraid to let me know if you want to have a very open ended set of lessons or a structured curriculum, I tailor my time to fit your needs
I keep up with modern bands and the techniques involved. If you're looking for a teacher who is in touch with what's current and has the knowledge to break things down, look no further!
Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Words from the instructor “The greatest fulfillment for me as an instructor is watching the success of my students. Having the ability to provide them with the tools to make that success possible is the most rewarding. And as long as they are having fun, while also learning and implementing proper techniques on the guitar, then they are definitely on a pathway to success.”
Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Music Theory
Words from the instructor “I believe that having a good time while playing an instrument is key to improving anyone’s skill level.
Breaking apart the theory and technique to a musical piece is integral to the learning process and towards developing a strong musical foundation.
It is extremely rewarding watching a student develop their own unique style while we improve and expand their musical knowledge and technique.”
Teaches Drums
Words from the instructor My goal with teaching drums and percussion is to provide a lighthearted, yet goal oriented, atmosphere in which my students can foster their talents and voice.

While teaching, I hope to instill my passion for drumming in each student so that they may find bliss within music. I’m a very fluid teacher and can tailor each lesson to the student, their wants, and skill level. Using copious amounts of positive reinforcement, I employ proven tactics which set the student up for success. I look forward to working with you.
Teaches Piano/Keyboards, Computer Music/Recording
Words from the instructor D.G. Neiss is a Southern California based keyboardist and music educator. He has been a professional producer, performer, director and music technology consultant with 15+ years of experience with a diverse group of clientele ranging from Yamaha corp. and Walt Disney to Big Pete Pearson and the Blues Sevilles.
Teaches Acoustic Guitar
Words from the instructor "I am a strong advocate for musical education in augmenting one’s own self-development. The skills I have learned while succeeding in music are skills used everyday when faced with life's toughest moments.

I feel that the biggest reward from teaching others is watching students tackle the small challenges knowing they will be ready for the big ones later down the road. I would like to show my students how awesome a little hard work will sound when they are letting loose on their favorite tracks or tearing it up with their friends. Let's get ready to ROCK!"
Teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Voice
Words from the instructor “With a sincere appreciation of each student’s journey in music, it is my absolute pleasure and honor to aid in their success no matter the goal. I feel that my contagious enthusiasm and understanding of songwriting, practicing, recording and performing would prove helpful in surpassing any plateau. Most of all, I just love everything about music, whether it’s playing, listening or talking about it.”
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Guitar Lessons Temecula Mobile Tacher Fallbrook Seth runs a fantastic music education business, with an array of highly talented teachers that will come to your house to teach your instrument of choice. The lessons are tailored to the individual level and there are bi-annual rock recitals...

Katie D.

testimonial image My son Alexander has been taking guitar lessons from Seth for about 6 months now. He finally looks forward to his lessons. As parents, it was really important to us to have someone our son could connect with, and be inspired by. Seth has been...

Sheryl G.

My son loves rockin' out with Jamison Pierce on drums! Jamison keeps him focused but keeps the lesson fun and engaging. He incorporates fundamentals with real music! I'd highly recommend mobile music teacher to everyone!

Vanessa N.

We take drum lessons with Jamison. It has worked out great my son has made progress over the last 2 yrs and he is learning but most of all having fun. Love that they come to the house and 2 x yr put on concerts for the kids to play in bands...

Trish K.

Seth Hollander has been my son's guitar teacher for 2 years, and he has done an outstanding job. He always tries to find better ways to teach a difficult song. He makes learning guitar fun.

Silvana S.

Brian teaches guitar for our son Adam. Adam's guitar chops have accelerated thanks to Brian's lessons. The shows held at Ramona Main Stage are awesome as well.

Jeff L.

Seth has been an instructor and mentor to my son for six years. Through one on one instruction and the recitals my son has gained valuable stage experience performing with other musicians. The decision to have my son professionally trained to...

Kenneth Wynn

Seth is a wonderful person and influential teacher. His love for the guitar and his kindness with children makes him a very inspiring teacher. Thank you Seth!

Heidi G.

I hired MMT for guitar lessons. Super simple process, Seth arranged a veteran instructor to come directly to my house each Monday, additionally payments can be paid via PayPal, which makes it even that much easier. Seth was very pleasant,...

Kelly S.

My 17-year old son has had several guitar teachers over the last eight years. For the past 3 years, Seth Hollander, has instructed Alex in rock and jazz electric and acoustic guitar. We appreciate his musical expertise as well as the convenience...

Michelle Albanna

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